Monday, October 7, 2019

Brussels Sprouts with Seaweed and Jalapeno Aioli

Brussels Sprouts with Seaweed and Jalapeno Aioli

I recently dined at an Italian restaurant in Honolulu called Vino.  One of the dishes we tried was the Brussels Sprouts. The sprouts were tender on the inside with a crispy outside, tossed in a konbu aioli with pistachio nuts and garnished with pickled red jalapenos. Delicious!

You can view Vino's menu at the link here:

It inspired me to try making a seaweed aioli with roasted seaweed snacks because I have those at home for snacks.  I trimmed, boiled, and airfried the sprouts with some olive oil.   

I overcooked the Brussels sprouts 😒The flavor was good, but I boiled them a little too long before throwing them in the airfryer. So the texture was too soft.

🥬 🌊
Brussels sprouts
Olive oil
Seaweed snacks

Vino's dish was way better, of course. I had never thought to put seaweed with Brussels sprouts beforehand. The red, pickled jalapeño in Vino’s dish also added a wonderful pop of color and flavor.

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