Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bloody Eyeball Fruit Salad

Bloody Eyeball Fruit Salad

Happy Halloween! 👁 👁
These are supposed to look like pairs of bloody eyeballs.

I got this idea from Pinterest and thought it was perfect to use up the strawberries and blueberries I had in my freezer. Although I think people use berry jelly or jam for the blood and that looks more "bloody" in my opinion.

I used a can of lychee.  It comes already peeled and seeded, preserved in a light syrup of water, sugar, and citric acid. The can had 17 lychee, enough to make eight pairs of eyes.  I ate the extra one.

I stuffed each lychee with a blueberry then got started with the "blood". I initially tried mashing it with a wooden mortar and pestle.  The consistency was like a slush.  I continued with the rest of the strawberries, but found it difficult to smash in the same manner as it had defrosted further.

I put the un-smashed strawberries into my blender and made a puree.  This was sufficient and I was okay with the way it looked.  I did not add any additional sweetener to the puree since the lychee was already sweet from the syrup.

1 can Lychee
16 Blueberries (more or less depending on how many lychee are in the can)
1 cup Strawberries

1) Drain lychee
2) Stuff each lychee with a blueberry
3) Puree strawberries in blender
4) Pour strawberry puree over "eyeballs"

IG post of this video: Bloody Eyeball Fruit Salad

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