Sunday, October 27, 2019

My Inspiration for Abundance of Vegetables

I enjoy food and being creative with it. I am NOT a cooking professional. I do it for fun and love sharing my joy for it.

I started my focus on eating an abundance of vegetables in mid 2019 after a recommendation by my doctor, who is a Naturopathic physician.

I had an alarming cholesterol rate over 200 points. My Dr. recommended that I eat an abundance of vegetables with a little bit of protein, avoid processed foods, gluten, dairy and alcohol. I didn't completely follow the rules, but I did make a conscious effort to increase my vegetable intake. A month later, my cholesterol was normal.

I have taken the following hands-on cooking classes:
So much fun! I love!

Update - December 2019: My cholesterol is elevated again. 😐👊  Perhaps this is due to all the holiday gorging and drinking, etc.  I need to try harder, I know.

Update - February 2020: My cholesterol is back to normal.  I have been taking a red rice yeast supplement.

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