Sunday, May 10, 2020

Carrot Sticks Snacks

I bought a giant bag of carrots from Sam's Club and planned to make carrot sticks for snacks and make stew or some kind of soup.  The soup never happened, but I had a lot of snacks, which was the main reason I got them in the first place.  I needed to choose better snacks and this is one of them.

Washing, peeling, and cutting up big carrots is tedious.  But I prefer the harder, crunchier texture of them over baby carrots.  Baby carrots are actually the carrot rejects that have been shredded down because they were deformed.  No offense to the carrot rejects, but the baby carrots are softer and seem to always be really wet and get slimy if kept too long.  They're great for convenience, if that's what you need.

YouTube post of this video: Carrot Sticks Snacks (full video with captions)

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